Table 2.

Phenotypes of Knockdown Lines for Rice AGL6-Like Genes

GenotypeFrequency of Plants Showing Abnormal PhenotypeaSummary of Notable Phenotypes in Inner Floral Whorls
MADS17 RNAi (OM17i)16/16No phenotype.
mfo1-2n.a.bMild. Elongated lodicules.
MFO1 RNAi (MFO1i)16/20Mild. Elongated lodicules.
OM17i mfo1-210/10Mild. Elongated lodicules.
MFO1i+OM17i14/20Mild. Elongated lodicules.
2/20Intermediate. Elongated lodicules with green regions. Sometimes subtended ectopic glume-like organs.
MFO1i mfo1-215/18Intermediate. Elongated lodicules with a green region. Sometimes subtended ectopic glume-like organs.
MFO1i+OM17i mfo1-211/18Severe. Ectopic glumes, ectopic spikelets, extra axis-like structure, and mosaic floral organs.
  • a The numbers indicate the numbers of plants showing the phenotype per total numbers of that genotype.

  • b n.a., not applicable.