Table 2.

Lignin Composition in the Leaves of the Wild Type and MYB58 and MYB63 Overexpressors

PlantG LigninS LigninTotal G and S Lignin
Wild type0.17 ± 0.020.09 ± 0.020.26 (100%)
MYB58 overexpressor0.30 ± 0.010.25 ± 0.010.55 (212%)
MYB63 overexpressor0.22 ± 0.010.15 ± 0.030.37 (142%)
  • The monolignol composition was analyzed according to Akin et al. (1993). Each data point is the mean (mg/g dry cell walls) ± se of two separate assays. Shown in the parentheses are the percentages of total G and S lignin in MYB58 and MYB63 overexpressors relative to that in the wild type.