Table 1.

Confirmation of IH-Specific Expression of Fungal Genes Using Real-Time-RT-PCR

Ct ValuesaCalculated Fold Changeb
Gene (Fold Change)MyceliumIH at 36 hpi
Actin24.8 ± 1.323.3 ± 1.2
AVR-Pita1 (3)N/D29.6 ± 1.4
MGG_04795.6 (100)N/D25.3 ± 3.1
MGG_09693.6 (84)35.9 ± 1.225.8 ± 3.3388
MGG_11610.6 (71)33.5 ± 2.523.9 ± 2.5274
MGG_06224.6 (64)38.4 ± 1.229.3 ± 0.6194
  • a Ct values represent the fractional number of cycles at which the amount of the amplified target reached a fixed threshold. High Ct values indicate low abundance of the specific transcript. The Ct values represent the mean of two biological and two technical replications. Standard deviations are shown. N/D, not detected.

  • b Relative expression (RQ value) in IH defining expression in mycelium as 1X, calculated as 2−(ΔΔCT). Ct values were normalized to the fungal actin gene. A fold change was not calculated for AVR-Pita1 and MGG_04795.6 because their expression was not detected in the mycelial samples.