Table 2.

Properties of Putative Secreted Proteins with ≥50-Fold Differential Expression in IH

Probe (Fold Change)aGene NamebAA (Cys)M.o. Hits (E Value)cOther Fungal Hits (Organism; E Value)dChr. Location/Commentse
AMG08263 (100)MGG_14965.6208 (5)MGG_15371.6 (E = 0); MGG_10780.6 (E = 8e-23)NoneIV: 4,093,668-
Same as aboveMGG_15371.6208 (5)MGG_14965.6 (E = 0); MGG_10780.6 (E = 8e-23)NoneVII: 234,746- Located next to AVR-Pita1
AMG08261 (100)MGG_04795.6 BAS1115 (0)NoneNoneIV: 1,216,801-
AMG08417.2 (88)MGG_09379.6121 (4)NoneNoneIV: 3,567,509-
AMG08541 (84)MGG_09693.6 BAS2102 (6)MGG_07969.6 (E = 2e-28); MGG_07749.6 (E = 4e-17)P. tritici (E = 4e-21); and five other fungiV: 5,545,247+
AMG06765 (75)MGG_15264.6191 (1)NoneNoneIII: 6,290,613+
AMG06650 (74)MGG_07834.6120 (3)MGG_09035.6 (E = 3e-4)NoneIII: 6,015,965+
AMG12560 (71)MGG_11610.6 BAS3113 (10)NoneNoneVI: 3,454,688+
AMG07384 (71)MGG_08657.6207 (8)NoneNoneIV: 195,247+
AMG08859 (64)MGG_06224.6134 (4)NoneNoneV: 4,531,287-
AMG13014 (63)MGG_09803.6125 (6)NoneNoneVI: 4,659,149-
AMG11184 (63)MGG_04301.6 PWL2145 (2)MGG_13863.6 (E = 0); MGG_07398.6 (E = 8e-16)NoneIV: 1,480,013-
Same as aboveMGG_13863.6 PWL2145 (2)MGG_04301.6 (E = 0); MGG_07398.6 (E = 8e-16)NoneIII: 5,594,534-
AMG15980 (61)MGG_10914.6 BAS4102 (8)MGG_02154.6 (E = 2e-7)NoneVI: 236,698+
AMG08432 (51)MGG_09387.6219 (0)NoneNoneIV: 3,535,091+
RMG00001 (3)MGG_15370.6 AVR-Pita1224 (9)MGG_14981.6 (E = 3e-71)H. capsulatus (E = 9e-12)VII: 232,500- Located next to MGG_15371.6
  • a Magnaporthe grisea Oryza sativa Interaction database (MGOS) gene names correspond to the probes used in version 2 of the Agilent M. oryzae microarray. They will not change with new releases of the genome sequence. MGOS names can be converted to Broad Database gene names at Fold changes for all genes except AVR-Pita1 (with P = 10−6) have P values = 0. Most of these genes were tested and confirmed to be differentially expressed (see Supplemental Figure 1C online). Not included in this table are the genes corresponding to AMG08160, corresponding to the chitinase MGG_04732.6, and the gene for AMG08787, which is not included in version 6.

  • b Gene names are from the genome sequence release 6 (

  • c BLAST similarity search against the Magnaporthe grisea proteins database (

  • d NCBI BLAST with protein sequences from the Broad Institute.

  • e Chromosomal locations are derived from MGOS (