Table 3.

Putative IH-Upregulated, Secreted Proteins with Hits in the Pfam Database

GeneaFold Up (P Value)PfambDescription (E Value)
MGG_04732.6 (AMG08160)58 (0)Glyco_hydro_18Glycosyl hydrolases family 18 (3.6e-59)
AMG1479949 (0)DNA_methylaseC-5 cytosine-specific DNA methylase (1.5e-19)
MGG_05790.6 (AMG05133)46 (0)Cu-oxidase_3Multicopper oxidase (1e-49)
MGG_09035.6 (AMG13593.2)36 (0)zf-C2H2Zinc finger, C2H2 type (0.15)
MGG_13327.6 (AMG16197)36 (0)RnaseHRNase H (7e-25)
MGG_09801.5 (AMG02457)28 (0)COesteraseCarboxylesterase (7.2e-13)
MGG_09073.6 (AMG12553)19 (0)Peptidase_S8Subtilase family (2.4e-16)
MGG_07556.6 (AMG04878)17 (0)DPBB_1Rare lipoprotein A (RlpA)-like double-ψ β-barrel (1.6e-05)
MGG_05038.6 (AMG06036)14 (0)Exo_endo_phosEndonuclease/exonuclease/phosphatase family (5.7e-13)
MGG_05599.6 (AMG04353)9 (0)Glyco_hydro_3_CGlycosyl hydrolase family 3 C terminal domain (2.6e-62)
MGG_10445.6 (AMG00014)8 (2E-14)Peptidase_S8Subtilase family (2e-43)
AMG162708 (5E-21)HETHeterokaryon incompatibility protein (5.2e-22)
MGG_03995.6 (AMG10755)8 (0)Peptidase_S10Ser carboxypeptidase (2e-77)
MGG_05694.6 (AMG09398)7 (0)Glyco_hydro_18Glycosyl hydrolases family 18 (1e-30)
MGG_09030.6 (AMG13583)7 (1E-27)DUF1680Putative glycosyl hydrolase: unk. function (6e-194)
MGG_03671.6 (AMG10290)7 (0)HydrophobinFungal hydrophobin (0.75)
MGG_07709.6 (AMG06488)7 (0)Glyco_hydro_16Glycosyl hydrolases family 16 (0.00046)
MGG_04546.6 (AMG07869)6 (2E-33)Ogr_DeltaOgr/δ-like zinc finger (0.44)
MGG_00973.6 (AMG11537)6 (5E-25)FAD_binding_4FAD binding domain (6.3e-29)
MGG_10585.6 (AMG13523)5 (0)TyrosinaseCommon central domain of tyrosinase (2e-06)
MGG_10423.6 (AMG09849)5 (1E-10)CellulaseCellulase (glycosyl hydrolase family 5) (0.0014)
MGG_10260.5 (AMG04914)5 (2E-10)Peptidase_S28Ser carboxypeptidase S28 (5.1e-10)
MGG_08096.6 (AMG01465)4 (0)EMP24_GP25Lemp24/gp25L/p24 family/GOLD (5.3e-10)
MGG_10811.6 (AMG15832)4 (2E-8)Acid_phosphat_AHistidine acid phosphatase (9.7e-49)
MGG_01945.6 (AMG07158.1)4 (4E-5)LipoxygenaseLipoxygenase (5.3e-09)
MGG_02849.6 (AMG07436)4 (7E-10)AspEukaryotic aspartyl protease (7.4e-38)
AMG128243 (2E-13)Peptidase_S24Peptidase S24-like (0.00055)
MGG_09087.6 (AMG02047)3 (2E-9)PLA2_BLysophospholipase catalytic domain (2.2e-229)
MGG_08415.6 (AMG02456)3 (0)Peptidase_S8Subtilase family (9.5e-26)
MGG_04439.6 (AMG07730)3 (3E-12)EMP24_GP25Lemp24/gp25L/p24 family/GOLD (2.2e-17)
MGG_09398.6 (AMG08447)3 (2E-14)peroxidasePeroxidase (2.6e-10)
MGG_11036.6 (AMG16160)3 (1E-8)CBM_1Fungal cellulose binding domain (2.4e-10)
MGG_12539.5 (AMG16053)3 (8E-8)ChromoChromatin organization modifier domain (1.2e-11)
MGG_10710.6 (AMG15699.3)3 (1E-40)DAOFAD-dependent oxidoreductase (6.4e-09)
MGG_09098.6 (AMG13694)3 (2E-4)Glyco_hydro_43Glycosyl hydrolases family 43 (5.2e-70)
MGG_04015.6 (AMG10782)3 (1E-5)Glyco_hydro_76Glycosyl hydrolase family 76 (1.1e-177)
AMG022263 (3E-3)NopPutative snoRNA binding domain (3.6e-79)
MGG_08319.6 (AMG02322)3 (3E-9)Peptidase_M28Peptidase family M28 (6.4e-57)
MGG_05529.6 (AMG04253)3 (2E-7)TannaseTannase and feruloyl esterase (2e-88)
MGG_05531.6 (AMG04255)3 (5E-4)CFEMCFEM domain (4.4e-09)
MGG_04756.6 (AMG08194)3 (2E-20)AmidaseAmidase (1e-50)
  • a All genes are from M. oryzae genome version 6 except those labeled with “.5”. In this case, the corresponding version 5 gene was deleted from version 6. Genes labeled only with the probe name were defined in genome version 4 but dropped from version 5.

  • b Domain with the best score from predicted amino acid sequences analyzed for Pfam matches (