Table 2.

Transmission Efficiency Analysis Using Reciprocal Crosses

Parental GenotypeProgeny Genotype
Female × MaleFIM5/fim5FIM5/FIM5TEFaTEMaP Value
FIM5/fim5-1 × wild type117115101.7%NAb0.896
Wild type × FIM5/fim5-149373NAb13.1%<0.001c
FIM5/fim5-2 × wild ype3232100%NAb>0.900
Wild-type × FIM5/fim5-213185NAb7%<0.001c
  • Reciprocal crosses were performed between fim5 heterozygous plants and wild-type plants. The transmission efficiency (TE) of gametes was calculated as folows: TE = number of progeny with the fim5 allele/number of wild-type progeny × 100%. The observed TE was compared with the expected TE for normal gametes (100%). P values were calculated using the χ2 test.

  • a TEF, female transmission efficiency; TEM, male transmission efficiency.

  • b NA, not applicable.

  • c Significant difference between the observed TE and the expected TE.