Table 1.

List of Genes Identified as Initiating Translation at CUG and the Predicted Cellular Localization if Initiation Occurs at the CUG or Downstream AUG

At No.DescriptionPredicted Targeting
CUG ProteinAUG Protein
At1g03260Similar to unknown proteinER
At1g21000Zinc binding family protein
At1g55760BTB/POZ domain-containing proteinMitochondria
At2g20680Glycosyl hydrolase family 5 proteinMitochondriaER
At3g02750Protein phosphatase 2CPlastidPlastid
At3g04080APY1, apyrasePlastidMitochondria
At3g10985SAG20, wound-induced protein 12
At3g62660GATL7, galacturonosyltransferase-like 7ER
At4g02680EOL1, ETO1-like 1
At5g14500Aldose 1-epimerase family protein
  • ER, endoplasmic reticulum.