Table 1.

Overview of Significantly (P < 0.05) Enriched Functional GO Categories

TransgeneCategoryPercentage of Genes in ListAdjusted P Value
35S:PcGA2ox1GO:9725: Response to hormone stimulus3.0340.000262
GO:6575: Amino acid derivative metabolism2.1313.47E-06
GO:9698: Phenylpropanoid metabolism1.4813.61E-05
GO:9415: Response to water1.4455.41E-12
GO:9737: Response to ABA stimulus1.1029.17E-06
GO:8202: Steroid metabolism0.9931.47E-07
GO:42545: Cell wall modification0.9032.74E-09
GO:9250: Glucan biosynthesis0.7220.000725
GO:9809: Lignin biosynthesis0.6506.43E-05
GO:9828: Cell wall loosening0.4332.03E-09
35S:rgl1GO:9725: Response to hormone stimulus2.3589.32E-07
GO:6575: Amino acid derivative metabolism2.3510.00951
GO:9698: Phenylpropanoid metabolism1.6924.16E-06
GO:9415: Response to water1.3072.00E-06
GO:42545: Cell wall modification1.0511.64E-09
GO:8202: Steroid metabolism0.9743.05E-05
GO:9250: Glucan biosynthesis0.8972.70E-05
GO:9809: Lignin biosynthesis0.7691.43E-05
GO:30244: Cellulose biosynthesis0.6927.65E-05
GO:9828: Cell wall loosening0.4873.44E-08
  • A hypergeometric test was used to test enrichment significance (Rivals et al., 2007).