Table 4.

S-Containing Amino Acid Content of Cell Wall and PSII Light-Harvesting Proteins

IDProteinLengthC+MaC+M (%)b
Cell wall proteins
    130684ECP76, cell wall protein5831 (+1)0.2
    137329ECP88, cell wall protein5950 (+4)0.0
    119420ECP61, cell wall protein5771 (+1)0.2
    194201ECP56, cell wall protein5321 (+1)0.2
    195768GP2, cell wall protein118248 (+1)4.1
    196402PHC2, cell wall protein50536 (+2)7.1
    196403PHC3, cell wall protein44325 (+1)5.6
    195824VSP4, cell wall protein99343 (+2)4.3
    196399PHC1, cell wall protein47936 (+2)7.5
    130359VSP6, cell wall protein95146 (+1)4.8
    148333PHC15, cell wall protein18410 (+3)5.4
    194264PHC12, cell wall protein40728 (+3)6.9
    187643PHC14, cell wall protein56642 (+1)7.4
    193780GAS31, cell wall protein50737 (+1)7.3
Peripheral PSII antennae proteins
    184479LHCBM92542 (+2)0.8
    185533LHCBM12565 (+1)2.0
    184067LHCBM22495 (+2)2.0
    195162LHCBM32575 (+1)1.9
    191690LHCBM42546 (+1)2.4
    184775LHCBM52685 (+2)1.9
    184490LHCBM62535 (+2)2.0
    184071LHCBM72495 (+2)2.0
    205752LHCBM82545 (+2)2.0
  • The S-containing amino acid levels of the ECP and LHCBM9 proteins are compared with the LHCBM1-8 proteins and the 10 most abundant putative cell wall proteins (according to RNA-seq data).

  • a Total number of Cys and Met residues (C+M) for the mature proteins, with the numbers between parentheses indicating the C+M content in the putative signal peptides.

  • b C+M percentages are for the mature proteins.