Table 1.

Strains and Plasmids Used in This Study

SG200a1 mfa2 bW2 bEKämper et al. (2006)
SG200ΔMcs1a1 mfa2 bW2 bE, Δmcs1::hygR, bleRWeber et al. (2006)
SG200G3Mcs1a1 mfa2 bW2 bE, bleR, Δmcs1::hygR/pn3Mcs1This study
SG200G3Mcs1mChSso1a1 mfa2 bW2 bE, bleR, Δmcs1::hygR/pn3GMcs1/pomChSSO1This study
SG200G3Mcs1ΔMMa1 mfa2 bW2 bE, blRe, Δmcs1::hygR/pn3GMcs1ΔMMThis study
SG200G3Mcs1noATPa1 mfa2 bW2 bE, bleR, Δmcs1::hygR/pn3GMcs1noATPThis study
SG200G3Mcs1noacta1 mfa2 bW2 bE, bleR, Δmcs1::hygR/pn3GMcs1noActThis study
SG200G3Mcs1ΔCCa1 mfa2 bW2 bE, bleR, Δmcs1::hygR/pn3GMcs1ΔCCThis study
SG200G3Mcs1noCHSa1 mfa2 bW2 bE, bleR, Δmcs1::hygR/pn3GMcs1noCHSThis study
FB2crgHAMcs1HNa2 b2/pcrgHAMcs1HNThis study
FB2crgHAMcs1Ha2 b2/pcrgHAMcs1HThis study
pn3GMcs1Pmcs1-3xegfp-mcs1, cbxRThis study
pomChSSO1Potef-mCh-sso1, natRThis study
pn3GMcs1ΔMMPmcs-3xegfp-mcs1Δ57-753, cbxRThis study
pn3GMcs1noATPPmcs-3xegfp-mcs1E407K, cbxRThis study
pn3GMcs1noActPmcs-3xegfp-mcs1Δ319-339, cbxRThis study
pn3GMcs1ΔCCPmcs-3xegfp-mcs1Δ764-795, cbxRThis study
pn3GMcs1noCHSPmcs-3xegfp-mcs1D1436E, D1551E, cbxRThis study
pomChSSO1Potef-mCh-sso1, natRThis study
pcrgHAMcs1HNPcrg-HA-mcs11-927, cbxRThis study
pcrgHAMcs1HPcrg-HA- mcs11-701, cbxRThis study
  • a, b, mating type loci; P, promoter; -, fusion; Δ, deletion; hygR, hygromycin resistance; bleR, phleomycin resistance; natR, nourseothricin resistance; cbxR, carboxin resistance; crg, conditional arabinose-induced promoter; /, ectopically integrated; E1, W2, genes of the b mating-type locus; egfp, enhanced green fluorescent protein; mCh, monomeric red fluorescent protein; Sso1, a syntaxin-like plasma membrane protein; Mcs1, Myosin-chitin synthase 1.