Table 1.

Complementation Analysis of nena-1 by A. rhizogenes–Mediated Transformation

LineConstructNodulation RatioaNodules (sd)b
nena-1NENApro:RFP4/300.3 (0.7)
nena-1NENA:RFP35/377.4 (5.5)
nena-1NENApro:AtSeh134/455.3 (5.2)
nena-135Spro:NENA:GFP8/97.3 (6.9)
Wild typeNENApro:RFP5/56.6 (3.1)
Wild typeNENA:RFP5/510.6 (5.4)
Wild typeNENApro:AtSeh112/1211.6 (7.4)
  • a Ratios indicate numbers of successfully transformed plants that formed nodules versus all plants of the indicated line that were successfully transformed with the indicated construct.

  • b Mean nodule number per successfully transformed plant.