Table 1.

Summary of the Screening for Fungal Target mRNAs Affected by HIGS

Screening in Barley Genotype
RNAi Target mRNAsGPI mlo5
All tested candidates3838
First-round candidates13 (16)14
Confirmed candidates106
  • RNAi constructs targeting candidate genes of B. graminis were cobombarded with pUbiGUS (for the detection of transformed cells by GUS staining) into barley epidermal cells, followed by inoculation with B. graminis 1 d (I mlo5) or 3 d (GP) later. RNAi constructs that reduced haustorium formation by at least 20% in I mlo5 or 33% in GP were selected for a final number of at least five independent experiments. The number in parentheses in the GP screen includes three additional candidates selected randomly or due to sequence similarity to GTF proteins. The RNAi effects of confirmed candidates differed significantly from the empty vector control (P < 0.05).