Table 1.

Summary of Phenotypes and Kinase Activities of BIK1 Ala Substitution Mutants

B. cinerea (basal/flg22 PTI)+/+IN/--/IN−/−−/−−/−+/++/+−/−−/−−/−+/+
A. brassicicola+ININ---+IN---+
PstDC3000 (basal/flg22 PTI)+/+IN/IN-/D−/−−/−−/−IN/++/+−/−−/−−/−+/+
Pst hrcC (basal/flg22 PTI)+/++/−D/++/+−/−−/−+/++/+IN/ININ/IN+/−+/+
Growth sensitivity to flg22+++---IN+---+
Triple response+D++--++---+
Plant growth+DD---++--DD
In vivo kinase activity (BIK1/MBP)+/+IN/--/IN−/−−/−−/−+/++/+−/−−/−D/-−/−
  • +, The wild type, complementation; −, bik1, no complementation; IN, intermediate; D, differential responses relative to the wild type and bik1. For kinase activity, (+) retains activity, while (−) loss of activity