Table 1.

List of Parameters for Flow Calculations

ParameterSymbol/ExpressionValue, Unit, Reference
Sieve tube cross-section areaEmbedded Imagem2
Effective sieve tube cross-section areaEmbedded Imagem2
At SEOR1 agglomeration cross-section areaEmbedded Imagem2
Effective sieve tube radiusae1.2 μm
At SEOR1 filament radiusaf10 nm
At SEOR1 agglomeration opening radiusao0.5 μm
Average sieve pore radiusap156 nm
Sieve tube radiusat1.5 μm
Effective sieve tube diameterde2.4 μm
At SEOR1 filament diameterdf20 nm
At SEOR1 agglomeration opening diameterdo1 μm
Sieve tube diameterdt3.0 μm
Observed flow speedU100 μm s−1
At SEOR1 filament separation distanceb6 nm
Permeability of At SEOR1 agglomerationKm2
Length of plantL15 cm
At SEOR1 agglomeration lengthLp6 μm
Sieve element lengthLt120 μm
Sieve plate thicknessl450 nm
Number of sieve elementsN1250
Average number of sieve poresNp15
Number of At SEOR1 agglomerationsM125
Volume fluxQm3 s−1
Hydraulic resistance of the phloem translocation pathwayRPa s m−3
Viscosityη1.3 mPa s (Deeken et al., 2002; Hunt et al., 2009)
Nondimensional permeability of At SEOR1 agglomerationEmbedded Image
Volume fraction occupied by filaments inside agglomerationϕ0.45
  • Reference is given next to parameter value when not measured by the authors.