Table 3.

Examples of Conserved Imprinting in Maize and Arabidopsis

Maize Gene IDChromosomeMaternal Read No.Paternal Read No.Maize PatternArabidopsis Gene IDArabidopsis DescriptionGehring et al. (2011)aHsieh et al. (2011)aWolff et al. (2011)a
GRMZM2G064905chr8362PEGAT5G53150DNAJ heat shock domainPEGMEGfil
GRMZM2G127160chr6135484630PEGAT1G70560Trp aminotransferase of Arabidopsis1 (TAA1)PEG-DMRPEG
GRMZM2G365731chr12396PEGAT4G11400ARID/BRIGHT DNA binding domainDMRPEG
GRMZM2G014119chr6686910MEG-DMRAT5G03240Polyubiquitin3 (UBQ3)MEGMEGfilMEGfil
GRMZM2G044440chr827959MEG-DMRAT5G03240Polyubiquitin3 (UBQ3)MEGMEGfilMEGfil
GRMZM2G103247chr9982MEG-DMRAT2G28890Poltergeist like4 (PLL4)MEG-DMRMEGfil
GRMZM2G112925chr149249MEGAT2G28890Poltergeist like4 (PLL4)MEG-DMRMEGfil
GRMZM2G088020chr81060MEGAT5G53870Early nodulin-like protein1 (ENODL1)MEGfilMEGMEGfil
  • a The genes listed as MEG or PEG passed all filters in the cited reference. Genes listed as MEGfil were filtered due to potential seed coat expression or because they did not pass stricter statistical cutoffs for imprinting in these studies but may actually be imprinted.

  • b The presence of a DMR from Gehring et al. (2009) is indicated.