Table 3.

Transposed Genes Have a Smaller Functional Gene Space Than Stable Genes and Fewer Introns

Functional Gene Space (bp)No. of Introns
Position>3,0003,0002,0001,000<1,000>500<500Total≥1 Intron0 IntronsTotal
% Syntenous18%17%31%28%6%5%1%88.40%11.60%
% Transposed7%7%18%32%36%17%19%69.80%30.20%
  • Functional gene space is defined as the gene itself as well as all regulatory regions as inferred from CNS positions upstream and downstream of the gene. Units are in base pairs. Based on TAIR9 exon annotation data, we found that 30% of transposed genes lack introns, in comparison to only 11.6% of stable genes that lack introns.