Table 1.

Phenotypic Parameters for A. thaliana Single, Double, and Triple ga20ox1, -2, and -3 Mutants

GenotypeGermination Efficiency (%)7 d Hypocotyl (mm)7 d Root (mm)Rosette Diameter (mm)Total Primary Inflorescence Height (mm)No. of
Elongated V.I.aMean V.I. Length (mm)No. of Siliques
Wild type (Col-0)98.881.14 [0.0530]37.86120.80 [10.968]548.30 [23.363]2.91736.44 [6.038]61.33
ga20ox198.171.04 [0.0115]35.82126.10 [11.223]246.60a [15.581]2.9629.88a [3.176]49.13b
ga20ox299.470.89b [−0.0556]33.78134.70 [11.574]555.40 [23.486]1.476b31.85 [5.952]56.95
ga20ox3-199.441.04 [0.0037]35.98132.60 [11.468]527.50 [23.036]2.34431.17 [5.564]52.8
ga20ox1 ga20ox298.650.85b [−0.0768]35.05135.50 [11.602]135.60c [11.509]0.918b8.05b [2.375]43.05b
ga20ox1 ga20ox3-199.450.91b [−0.0471]32.60116.40 [10.854]249.30b [15.834]2.40410.50a [3.194]47.93b
ga20ox2 ga20ox3-199.210.80b [−0.1048]28.29a132.80 [11.522]511.70 [22.439]1.307b15.17a [3.306]51.05b
ga20ox1 ga20ox2 ga20ox3-10.000.67c [−0.1816]20.08b65.20b [8.070]13.80d [2.067]0.167c0.38c [0.469]8.83c
ga1-3 (Col-0)0.000.63c [−0.2044]11.14c53.50c [7.197]9.30d [1.873]0.645c0.23c [0.423]7.88c
1% LSD[0.08374]5.44[0.6873][1.3926]0.7069[0.6200]9.832
  • See Methods for design and statistical analysis. Transformed values used for statistical analysis are given in brackets. Superscript letters indicate significant difference (P < 0.01) from the wild type. Genotypes marked with different letters are significantly different from each other. Elongated vegetative internodes (V.I.) below the first flower were counted.