Table 3.

GA Concentrations (ng per g Dry Weight) in Whole Shoots at Flowering

Wild type (Col-0)2.21 [1.4798]1.52 [0.281]37.30 [6.106]28.50 [3.328]0.27 [−1.381]n.d.8.39 [2.139]
ga20ox11.08a [1.0370]n.d.a [−2.501]41.87 [6.467]29.31 [3.318]n.d. [−2.303]n.d.10.01 [2.298]
ga20ox21.36b [1.1663]0.30a [−1.777]22.31a [4.720]25.96 [3.258]n.d. [−2.303]n.d.10.96 [2.378]
ga20ox3-11.97 [1.4020]0.98 [−0.988]48.57b [6.968]35.68 [3.573]n.d. [−2.303]n.d.11.04 [2.404]
ga20ox1 ga20ox20.63c [0.7897]0.47 [−1.137]15.94c [3.990]31.93 [3.467]n.d. [−2.303]n.d.28.30a [3.291]
ga20ox1 ga20ox3-10.55c [0.7272]0.70 [−1.148]45.16b [6.720]30.66 [3.425]0.16 [−1.585]n.d.13.04 [2.574]
ga20ox2 ga20ox3-11.38b [1.1734]0.46 [−1.148]24.75a [4.974]35.19 [3.550]0.45 [−0.614]n.d.12.84 [2.559]
ga20ox1 ga20ox2 ga20ox3-10.15d [0.3911]n.d.a [−2.547]3.12d [1.759]34.44 [3.534]0.48 [−0.896]n.d.36.82a [3.606]
ga1-3 (Col-0)0.24e [0.4859]n.d.a [−2.501]0.32e [0.402]n.d.a [−2.303]n.d. [−2.303]n.d.n.d.b [−2.303]
  • Measurements represent the means of two to four biological replicates, with transformed data shown in square brackets (square root for GA4 and GA24, natural log for the others). All GA species quantified in each genotype were measured from the same tissue samples. Following linear mixed-model analysis, individual LSDs (data not shown) were used for pairwise comparisons of means on the transformed scale. Samples marked “n.d.” contained too low a concentration for detection (effectively zero for the purposes of analysis). Superscript letters denote significant difference from the wild type (P < 0.05). Genotypes marked with different letters are significantly different (P < 0.05) from one another.