Table 2.

Seedling Root Lengths and Final Rosette Diameters for Triple and Quadruple GA20ox Mutants

Genotype7 d Root Length (mm)Rosette Diameter (mm)
Wild type (Col-0)23.83113.80 [10.6630]
ga20ox1 ga20ox2 ga20ox3-114.50a75.38a [8.6690]
ga20ox1 ga20ox2 ga20ox3-316.84a66.00a [8.1280]
ga20ox1 ga20ox2 ga20ox3-1 ga20ox4-214.22a66.25a [8.4560]
ga20ox1 ga20ox2 ga20ox3-1 ga20ox5-117.06a71.62a [8.4560]
ga1-3 (Col-0)13.98a74.88a [8.6320]
1% LSD3.599[0.6197]
  • Transformed values used for statistical analysis are given in square brackets.

  • a Significantly different from the wild type (P < 0.01).