Table 2.

Embryo Development Arrests in wdr55-1 and wdr55-2 Alleles

Genotype of CrossTotalWild TypeDeveloped Seed Late ArrestDeveloped Seed Early ArrestCollapsed Undeveloped
wdr55-1 3–14 DAP78473.9%0.0%13.9%12.2%
wdr55-2 8–12 DAP54877.2%17.9%0.6%4.4%
Col 8–12DAP34098.5%0.3%0.6%0.6%
Ler 14 DAP13196.2%0.8%3.1%0.0%
Cross to the wild type
wdr55-1 × Ler 7–14 DAP18787.2%0.0%4.8%8.0%
wdr55-2 × Col 7 DAP8396.4%0.0%0.0%3.6%
Complementation cross
wdr55-1 × wdr55-2 8–14 DAP28680.8%6.6%1.8%10.8%
wdr55-2 × wdr55-1 8–14 DAP16783.8%11.4%0.6%4.2%
  • Embryo phenotype count for wdr55-1 and wdr55-2 showing percentage of total counts in four classes: wild-type development, developed seed late arrest, developed seed early arrest, and undeveloped seeds that have not been fertilized. All crosses are female × male.