Table 1. PSY Variants Used in Transient Expression Experiments
Plant SpeciesPSY Variant NameAmino Acid VariationIs This a Naturally Found Variant?Test of Activity in E. coliPlastid Localization
MaizeZm-PSY1Asn-168; Thr-257Yes, yellow endosperm lines, including B73, and some white endosperm linesActiveStroma/spots
Zm-PSY1-NPAsn-168; Pro-257Yes, white endosperm linesActiveFibrils
Zm-PSY1-NSAsn-168; Ser-257Yes, white endosperm linesStroma
Zm-PSY1-NP-EAsn-168; Pro-257; Glu-285NoInactiveStroma
Zm-PSY1-SPSer-168; Pro-257NoStroma
Zm-PSY1-STSer-168; Thr-257NoStroma
Zm-PSY2Ser-168; Pro-257YesActiveaPlastoglobuli
Zm-PSY2-STSer-168; Thr-257NoPlastoglobuli
Zm-PSY2-NPAsn-168; Pro-257NoPlastoglobuli
Zm-PSY2-NTAsn-168; Thr-257NoPlastoglobuli
Zm-PSY3Ser-176; Pro-265YesActivebPlastoglobuli
RiceOs-PSY1Ser-179; Pro-268YesActiveaPlastoglobuli
Os-PSY1-STSer-179; Thr-268NoPlastoglobuli
Os-PSY2Ser-163; Pro-253YesActiveaPlastoglobuli
ArabidopsisAt-PSYSer-181; Pro-270YesActivecPlastoglobuli
  • Numbers of amino acids are actual numbers in PSY amino acid sequences. Plastid localization is based on the PSY GFP fusion experiments.

  • a Gallagher et al. (2004).

  • b Li et al. (2008a).

  • c Maass et al. (2009).

  • –, Was not tested.