Table 1. Selected Candidate Cytokinin-Regulated Genes with RRBS cis-Elements in Their Promoters
Genomic IDBox 2Box 5Total No. of 8-bp Core RRBSTIGR Database IDFCBAP versus ControlAdjusted P-ValueDescription
Medtr5g037580.1104TC10399111.123E−05RR Mt RR4
Medtr3g097800.1023TC980973.986E−04GRAS TF (Mt NSP2)
Medtr1g135030.1102TC983973.460.004LOB TF
Medtr5g014710.1012TC954761.920.027bHLH TF (Mt bHLH476)
Medtr2g116970.1102TC1096151.90.001GRAS TF
Medtr5g069060.1113TC1031951.765E−04Pathogenesis-related and ERF TF
Medtr4g097530.1102AW6844621.732E−04bZIP TF
Medtr7g005040.1004TC950481.66E−04NAM TF
Medtr1g019530.1012TC954071.630.007Cytokinin oxidase (Mt CKX1)
  • List of all genes encoding TFs induced in response to cytokinins (10−7 M of BAP for 1 h) in root apices (FC > 1.5, adjusted P < 0.05) and whose promoters (2.5 kb) contain at least three 8-bp core RRBSs or at least two RRBSs of which one is a box 2 or a box 5. Homologs of candidate cytokinin primary response genes previously reported in Arabidopsis (Tanigushi et al., 2007) are also indicated at the end of the table. Included for each gene: a genomic accession number, the number of box 2, box 5, and the total number of RRBS present in their promoter, a TC accession number (TIGR database), the FC and adjusted P-value, and a functional annotation.