Table 2. Significant Changes in Proportions of Fully and Alternatively Spliced Transcripts in stipl Mutants
No. of Transcripts (FS and AS) with Significant Changes (%)
Genotype3–5% change; p<0.05>5% change; p<0.05
Clock genesa
Other genesb
  • Plants were grown and RNA isolated as described in Figure 5.

  • a A subset of eight genes ascribed a role within the circadian system were assayed using 21 oligo pairs (generating 91 distinct transcripts) for stipl1-1 and stipl1-2 or 20 oligo pairs (generating 87 distinct transcripts) for stipl2-1.

  • b Seventy genes with a total of 268 transcripts (assayed using 70 oligo pairs) were scored for all three mutants. Data for individual oligo pairs are provided in Supplemental Data Sets 2 to 6 online.