Table 1. A Comparison of Temperature Effects on Meiosis in Barley
Duration of premeiotic S-phase DNA replication<13 h<9 h
Duration of meiosis (G2 to tetrad)43 h43 h
Cycles of expansion and contractionNormalNormal
Axis formation (ASY1 loading)PolarizedLess polarized
Synapsis (ZYP1 loading)NormalLoading defect
Bivalent type (rings:rods)32:1 (n = 50)8:1 (n = 128)
Ratio of distal:interstitial chiasmata25:1 (n = 50)11:1 (n = 128)
Seed set (mean per stem)22.7 (n = 15)1.5 (n = 21)