Table 1. bZIP16 Regulates Hormone- and Light-Responsive Genes
TreatmentATH1 (%)bZIP16-Regulated (%)P ValueLiterature
Light21.060.71.0 × 10−47
 Rc8.440.12.6 × 10−48Leivaretal. (2009)
 FRc8.213.71.8 × 10−3Jiao et al. (2005)
 Bc11.819.13.1 × 10−4Jiao et al. (2005)
Hormone12.226.48.5 × 10−11
GA1.519.59.0 × 10−44Ogawa et al. (2003)
ABA12.921.38.5 × 10−5Nemhauser et al. (2006)
 CK2.20.70.1Nemhauser et al. (2006)
 ACC2.41.40.4Nemhauser et al. (2006)
 BR4.04.70.4Nemhauser et al. (2006)
Song et al. (2009)
Lisso et al. (2005)
 IAA3.52.50.5Nemhauser et al. (2006)
 MJ6.75.40.5Nemhauser et al. (2006)
  • A total of 275 bZIP16-regulated genes were compared with genes regulated by light and hormones. Genes to be compared were retrieved from the data set described in each corresponding reference listed. Fisher’s exact test was used to evaluate significant enrichment under each treatment. ATH1, GeneChip Arabidopsis genome array; Rc, continuous red; FRc, continuous far-red; Bc, continuous blue; CK, cytokinin; ACC, 1-amino-cyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid; BR, brassinolide; IAA, indole-3-acetic acid; MJ, methyl jasmonate.