Table 1. Correlation of Accumulated TE Contents with Local GR Rates and Gene Densities in the Reference Genome
Whole ChromosomesChromosomal Arms
TEs contents versus gene contents−0.932<10−4−0.854<10−4
TEs contents versus GR rates−0.633<10−4−0.212<10−4
LTR-RTs contents versus gene contents−0.895<10−4−0.828<10−4
LTR-RTs contents versus GR rates−0.608<10−4−0.203<10−4
LTR-RTs/copia contents versus gene contents−0.811<10−4−0.817<10−4
LTR-RTs/copia contents versus GR rates−0.554<10−4−0.1940.0002
LTR-RTs/gypsy contents versus gene contents−0.824<10−4−0.748<10−4
LTR-RTs/gypsy contents versus GR rates−0.559<10−4−0.1890.0003
DNA TEs contents versus gene contents−0.801<10−4−0.818<10−4
DNA TEs contents versus GR rates−0.543<10−4−0.208<10−4
Genes contents versus GR rates0.623<10−40.1560.0031
  • a Pearson correlation coefficient.

  • b All P values calculated by 10,000 bootstrap resamplings.