Table 1. Missense Mutations Recovered in Arabidopsis AGO Proteins by Forward Genetics
AlleleMutationDomainHs-AGO2Expected to AffectStrengthReference
ago1-12H765LPiwiHis-600SlicingStrongKidner and Martienssen (2004)
ago1-18P493SPAZPro-340PAZ foldStrongSorin et al. (2005)
ago1-24L573FL2Ile-418MID-Piwi interfaceNullFagard et al. (2000)
ago1-25G760SPiwiGly-595Piwi foldWeakMorel et al. (2002)
ago1-26P840SPiwiPro-661Putative Trp pocketMediumMorel et al. (2002)
ago1-27A994VPiwiAla-813MID-Piwi interfaceWeakMorel et al. (2002)
ago1-33G735RMIDGly-573MID-Piwi interfaceWeakSorin et al. (2005)
ago1-34G735RMIDGly-573MID-Piwi interfaceWeakSorin et al. (2005)
ago1-35A994VPiwiAla-813MID-Piwi interfaceWeakSorin et al. (2005)
ago1-38G186RN coilGly-32N coilWeakGregory et al. (2008)
ago1-39G793EPiwiAla-627MID-Piwi interfaceVery weakThis work
ago1-40A865VPiwiAla-686UnclearVery weakMallory et al. (2009)
ago1-42P481TPAZPro-326PAZ foldStrongThis work
ago1-43P527LL2Pro-373/Ala-372*N- and C-lobe interfaceMediumThis work
ago1-44G579EL2Gly-422MID-Piwi interfaceMediumThis work
ago1-45R696HMIDArg-534UnclearWeakSmith et al. (2009)
ago1-46A994TPiwiAla-813MID-Piwi interfaceWeakSmith et al. (2009)
ago1-48G601NMIDGly-445MID-L2 interfaceMediumThis work
ago1-49G692NMIDAla-5305′RNA bindingMediumThis work
ago1-54G601DMIDGly-445MID-L2 interfaceMediumThis work
ago7-5A750TPiwiAla-613Piwi foldCuperus et al. (2010)
ago7-6S769FPiwiVal-631Unclear, Piwi fold?Cuperus et al. (2010)
ago7-7G583EMIDAla-457MID foldCuperus et al. (2010)
ago7-8S668LMIDGly-536MID foldCuperus et al. (2010)
ago7-10L818FPiwiLeu-680N coilCuperus et al. (2010)
ago7-13E669KMIDAsp-5375′phosphate bindingCuperus et al. (2010)
ago7-15S810NPiwiSer-672Unclear, target RNA binding?Cuperus et al. (2010 )
ago7-16R944KPiwiArg-8125′ phosphate bindingCuperus et al. (2010)
zll-2G707DPiwiGly-595Piwi foldStrongMoussian et al. (1998)
zll-6G681RMIDGly-572Unclear, MID fold?StrongMoussian et al. (1998)
zll-7E445APAZGlu-342PAZ foldStrongMoussian et al. (1998)
zll-16P443SPAZPro-340PAZ foldStrongMoussian et al. (1998)
ago10-12L674FMIDLeu-565MID-Piwi interfaceWeakJi et al. (2011)
ago10-14D731NPiwiAsp-619Putative Trp pocketWeakJi et al. (2011)
ago4-2E641KPiwiGln-581*UnclearAgorio and Vera (2007)
ago6-6G455RL2Gly-433MID-Piwi interfaceEun et al. (2011)
  • For all mutations, the location, predicted biochemical or structural effect, and phenotypic effect are indicated. Amino acid residues marked with an asterisk show ambiguous alignments with human Ago2. For AGO10, allele strength is ecotype dependent. The classifications given here apply to ecotype Landsberg erecta (Mallory et al., 2009). Allele strengths cannot be clearly assigned for ago7, ago4 and ago6. A list of all published Arabidopsis ago mutations obtained by forward genetics is given in Supplemental Table 1 online.