Table 1. Comparison of GB Associations Shared between B. rapa and Three Ancestral Crucifer Genomes (ACK, PCK, and tPCK)
ACK (n = 8)PCK (n = 7)tPCK (n = 7)
Chr.aGB Assoc.bNo.cB. rapa Chr.Chr.GB Assoc.No.B. rapa Chr.Chr.GB Assoc.No.B. rapa Chr.
AK1A/B2A06, A08AK1A/B2A06, A08AK1A/B2A06, A08
B/C2A05, A08B/C2A05, A08B/C2A05, A08
AK2D/E0AK2D/E0AK2/5N/M3A01, A03, A09
AK3F/G2A03, A07AK3F/G2A03, A07M/E0
G/H2A03, A07G/H2A03, A07AK3F/G2A03, A07
AK4I/J2A03, A04AK4I/J2A03, A04G/H2A03, A07
AK5K/L3A02, A06, A09AK7S/T2A04, A08AK4I/J2A03, A04
L/M0T/U3A01, A03, A08AK7S/T2A04, A08
M/N3A01, A03, A09AK6/8O/P3A02, A03, A09T/U3A01, A03, A08
AK6O/P3A02, A03, A09P/W1A03AK6/8O/P3A02, A03, A09
P/Q0W/R3A02, A03, A10P/W1A03
Q/R0AK5/6/8N/M3A01, A03, A09W/R3A02, A03, A10
AK7S/T2A04, A08M/V0-AK2/5/6/8D/V1A09
T/U3A01, A03, A08V/K3A02, A06, A09V/K3A02, A06, A09
AK8V/W0K/L3A02, A06, A09K/L3A02, A06, A09
W/X0L/Q3A02, A06, A09L/Q3A02, A06, A09
Q/X3A02, A03, A09Q/X3A02, A03, A09
  • a Ancestral chromosome (Chr.).

  • b GB association.

  • c Copy number of GB association in the B. rapa genome.

  • –, nonexistent GB association.