Table 2. Summary of IAA-Regulated Genes in Which Mutants Had Phenotypes
ClusterGene NameDescriptionPhenotype
6at5g51500PE60 Pectinesterase 60Reduced IAA inhibition of primary root elongation
0at3g58790GAUT15 galacturonosyl-transferase 15Reduced root gravitropism
5at1g71380CEL3/GH9B3 cellulase3/glycosylhydrolase 9B3Reduced lateral root initiation
24 h (A-P)aat1g62440LRX2 leucine-rich repeat/extensin 2Reduced IAA-stimulated lateral root emergence
8at2g06850EXGT-A1 endoxyloglucan transferaseReduced primary root elongation
8 h (P-A)aPutative invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitorIncreased primary root elongation
2at4g18780CESA8 cellulose synthase8Reduced lateral root initiation
3at2g28950EXPA6 expansin A6Reduced IAA inhibition of primary root elongation
  • a A-P, absent-present; P-A, present-absent. Blank under Gene Name indicates there is no name available.