Table 1. Summary of Annotations and Kinetics of the 10 Most Populated DE Clusters
DE Cluster No.Gene CountCluster RegulationOverrepresented Cluster AnnotationsTranscript Changes with SLR ≥ |0.5|Vanneste Gene Count (%)a
557UpResponse to auxin stimulus30 min to 4 h27 (47%)
1013UpResponse to auxin stimulus30 min to 24 h10 (77%)
752UpResponse to auxin stimulus1 to 24 h13 (25%)
1270UpRNA processing, RNA polymerase activity, DNA replication, RNA degradation2 to 4 h141 (52%)
657DownCell wall organization, cell wall biogenesis/degradation2 to 24 h18 (32%)
2129DownTransmembrane region, response to osmotic stress2 to 4 h26 (20%)
922Down and upIntrinsic to membrane, oxidoreductaseComplex17 (77%)
840UpSignal peptide, extracellular region8 to 24 h14 (35%)
3116UpRegulation of cell cycle, cell division8 to 24 h32 (28%)
490DownPhosphorylation, protein kinase activity8 to 24 h28 (31%)
  • a The percentage was calculated by dividing the number of genes in the Vanneste data set in each DE cluster by the total gene count in each cluster.