Table 2. List of Essential Genes in 10 Parasitic Orobanchaceae
Gene ClassGene IDsRemarks
Protein genesamatK, rpl16, rpl2, rpl20, rpl33, rpl36, rps11, rps12, rps14, rps18, rps2, rps4, rps7, rps8, ycf1, ycf2In Phelipanche, ycf1 is fragmented and shows strong sequence divergence and therefore may be a pseudogene.
tRNAbtrnDGUC, trnEUUC, trnfMCAU, trnHGUG, trnICAU, trnLCAA, trnLUAG, trnMCAU, trnNGUU, trnPUGG, trnQUUG, trnSGCU, trnSUGA, trnWCCA, trnYGUAtrnICAU exists in two divergent copies in M. californica.
rRNArrn16, rrn23, rrn4.5, rrn5In Phelipanche, one rRNA gene set is deleted and rrn16 is partially duplicated in the LSC; one copy of rrn16 is deleted from the O. gracilis plastome.
  • a accD and clpP await experimental verification of functionality in Phelipanche and S. americana.

  • b trnSUGA may be a pseudogene in C. americana.