Table 1. Correlations of AS Distribution with Genome Features in 1-Mb Contiguous Windows
Data SetFeaturesPearson Correlation
All windowsIntron length (kb)0.92<10−4
Exon number0.98<10−4
Aligned reads0.16<10−4
GC content (%)−0.77<10−4
GR rates (cM/Mb)c0.62<10−4
Windows from chromosome armsIntron length (kb)0.74<10−4
Exon number0.94<10−4
Aligned reads0.50<10−4
GC content (%)−0.190.0002
GR rates (cM/Mb)0.120.0172
  • a Pearson correlation coefficient.

  • b All P values calculated by 10,000 bootstrap resamplings.

  • c cM, centimorgans.