Table 1. Comparison between Raphanus and Brassica Assemblies
R. raphanistrum ContigsB. rapa ContigsB. rapa Scaffolds
Assembly size254.6 Mb264.1 Mb283.8 Mb
Number of contigs (>100 bp)68,33160,52140,549
N5010.1 kb27.3 kb1.9 Mb
Coverage of core eukaryotic genesa97.2%NA100.0%
% Unique transcripts mapping to assemblyb94.2%NA96.9%
  • NA, not available.

  • a Conservation of 248 core eukaryotic Genes was determined using the core eukaryotic gene mapping approach program (Parra et al., 2007).

  • b 163,862 Raphanus and 213,105 Brassica ESTs from NCBI dbEST were assembled into 106,052 and 85,508 unique transcripts (see Methods).