Table 4. Activity of Petunia CCR1 Wild-Type and Cys-150/Cys-158 Mutated Forms and the Effect of Mild Oxidation by Sodium Iodide
Ph-CCR1 Enzyme VariantSpecific Activity (pkat/mg Protein)aEffect on Enzyme Activity of Oxidation by Sodium Iodideb
Wild type1122 ± 640.570
Cys150Ala6826 ± 5010.019
Cys150Ser5849 ± 1330.019
Cys158Ala3759 ± 5980.750
Cys158Ser669 ± 300.360
  • a Error values shown are se of the mean.

  • b The values shown represent the activity of the sodium iodide-treated enzyme (0.2 M NaI for 44 h) relative to the activity of the control sample (subjected to the identical treatment except with water in place of the sodium iodide).