Table 1. Effect of Ascorbate Concentration on the RNA Concentrations for LUC Driven either by the GGP Promoter or TT8, a Control Gene
Promoter/TreatmentGene ExpressionLUC/RENAscorbate mg/100 g FW
GGP/low ascorbate6.0E-02 ± 8.8E-031.08 ± 0.0525.3 ± 0.93
GGP/high ascorbate5.3E-02 ± 7.4E-030.15 ± 0.0392.4 ± 7.1
TT8/low ascorbate8.5E-01 ± 5.7E-0219.9 ± 0.5926.1 ± 6.3
TT8/high ascorbate9.3E-01 ± 1.1E-0116.3 ± 0.8384.6 ± 4.7
  • Accumulation of LUC mRNA was measured relative to the accumulation of REN mRNA in the same RNA preparation. Values are the mean of three biological replicates, each involving three combined leaves. Standard errors are shown. Within each promoter pair, there was no significant difference in gene expression for both promoters or the LUC activity for the TT8 promoter. The change in LUC activity for the GGP promoter was significant (P < 0.001), as were the changes in ascorbate for both promoters (P < 0.003).