Table 1. Summary of RLKs That Are Functionally Linked to the ROS Burst
RLKsClassificationLigand/StimuliRLCK/GEF InteractionROS BurstaApoplast pH↑Stomatal ClosureaReferences
FLS2LRRflg22BIK1, PCRK1?, PBL1/13?Yes (At), FLS2 OE (↑), fls2 mutant (−), bik1 mutant (↓), pbl1 mutant (↓), pbl13 mutant (↑)Yes (tomato, potato, N. tabacum, At)Yes (At)Felix et al., 1999; Gómez-Gómez and Boller, 2000; Chinchilla et al., 2006; Melotto et al., 2006; Zipfel et al., 2006; Zhang et al., 2010; Sreekanta et al., 2015
EFRLRRelf18BIK1Yes (At), efr mutant (−)Yes (At)Yes (At)Kunze et al., 2004; Zipfel et al., 2006; Desikan et al., 2008; Zhang et al., 2010
PEPR1/2LRRAtPep1BIK1, PBL1Yes (At), pepr1 mutant (↓), pepr2 mutant (↓), pepr1/2 double mutant (−), bik1 mutant (↓), pbl1 mutant (↓)Yes (At)Huffaker et al., 2006; Pearce et al., 2008; Krol et al., 2010; Yamaguchi et al., 2010; Liu et al., 2013
LYK4/5LysMChitinYes (tomato, At), lyk4 mutant (↓), lyk5 mutant (↓)Yes (tomato, barley)Yes (tomato)Felix et al., 1993; Lee et al., 1999; Cao et al., 2014; Felle et al., 2004
CERK1LysMPGN, ChitinBIK1, PBL27Yes (At by PGN), cerk1 mutant (−) by chitin, bik1 mutant (↓) by chitin, pbl27 mutant (=) by chitinYes (At, by PGN)Gust et al., 2007; Miya et al., 2007; Zhang et al., 2010; Liu et al., 2012; Shinya et al., 2014
LIK1LRRChitinlik1 mutant (↑) by chitinLe et al., 2014
OsCERK1LysMChitinGEF1, RLCK176/ 185Yes (rice), OsCERK1-RNAi (↓), OsRacGEF1 RNAi (−), OsRLCK176-RNAi (↓), OsRLCK185 RNAi (↓)Yes (rice), OsCERK1-RNAi (↓)Akamatsu et al., 2013; Ao et al., 2014; Yamaguchi et al., 2013
HAESA/ HLS2LRRIDAHAE OE (=), HSL2 OE (↑) (transiently expressing N. benthamiana)Cho et al., 2008; Butenko et al., 2014
BRI1LRRBRBIK1, BSKsYes (N. benthamiana)Yes (Vicia faba)Wang et al., 2001; Haubrick et al., 2006; Tang et al., 2008; Lin et al., 2013; Deng et al., 2015
FERMalectin-likeRALFGEF1/4/7/10/14, MARIS?Yes (tomato)Pearce et al., 2001; Berken et al., 2005; Duan et al., 2010; Boisson-Dernier et al., 2015; Haruta et al., 2014
ANXsMalectin-likeMARIS?Boisson-Dernier et al., 2015
AtPRK2LRRGEF1/12Zhang and McCormick, 2007; Chang et al., 2013
PRK5LRRGRIWrzaczek et al., 2015
THE1Malectin-likeCWD?the mutant (↓) by CWDDenness et al., 2011
IOS1Malectin-likeCWD?ios mutant (=) by flg22, IOS OE (=) by flg22Yeh et al., 2016; Singh et al., 2012
LORES-lectinLPSYes (N. tabacum, At), lore mutant (−)Yes (N. tabacum)Yes (At)Gerber et al., 2004; Melotto et al., 2006; Ranf et al., 2015
RLK7LRRPIPYes (At)Yes (At)Hou et al., 2014
LecRK-VI.2L-type lectinlecrk-VI.2 mutant (=) by flg22lecrk-VI.2 mutant (↓) by flg22, elf18Singh et al., 2012
LecRK-V.5L-type lectinLecRK-V.5 OE (↓) by flg22, elf18, LPSLecRK-V.5 OE (↓) by flg22, elf18, LPSDesclos-Theveniau et al., 2012
WAK1WAK1-likeOGsYes (grapevine, At)Yes (grapevine)Allègre et al., 2009; Brutus et al., 2010; Galletti et al., 2008
GHR1LRRghr1 mutant (−) by flg22Hua et al., 2012
CRKsDUF26crk2/3/13/31 mutant (↓) by flg22, crk20/23/29 mutant (↑) by flg22, CRK4/6/28/36 OE (↑) by flg22crk23 mutant (↑) by flg22, crk5/17/20/28 mutant (↓) by flg22Bourdais et al., 2015; Yeh et al., 2015; Yadeta et al., 2016
  • Receptors that have been suggested to participate in ROS-dependent processes are listed, even in the absence of direct evidence for their roles in the control of ROS production. PCRK1, PATTERN-TRIGGERED IMMUNITY (PTI) COMPROMISED RECEPTOR-LIKE CYTOPLASMIC KINASE1; HSL2, HAESA-LIKE 2; LORE, LIPOOLIGOSACCHARIDE-SPECIFIC REDUCED ELICITATION ; DUF26, Domain of Unknown Function 26; PGN, peptidoglycan; IDA, INFLORESCENCE DEFICIENT IN ABSCISSION; CWD, cell wall damage; PIP1, PAMP-INDUCED SECRETED PEPTIDE 1; At, Arabidopsis thaliana; N. tabacum, Nicotiana tabacum; N. benthamiana, Nicotiana benthamiana; OE, overexpressing lines; tomato, Solanum lycopersicum; potato, Solanum tuberosum; barley, Hordeum vulgare; grapevine, Vitis vinifera.

  • a Phenotypes compared to the wild type: (↑) enhanced, (↓) reduced, (−) abolished, and (=) not affected.