Table 1. Experimental and Tissue eFP Views and Data Sources
ViewData Source
Abiotic stressKilian et al. (2007)
Biotic stress: Botrytis cinereaAtGenExpress initiative
Biotic stress: ElicitorsAtGenExpress initiative
Biotic stress: Erysiphe orontiiAtGenExpress initiative
Biotic stress: Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidisWang et al. (2011)
Biotic stress: Myzus persicaereCouldridge et al. (2007)
Biotic stress: Phytophthora infestansAtGenExpress initiative
Biotic stress: Pseudomonas syringaeAtGenExpress initiative
ChemicalGoda et al. (2008)
Guard cell: meristemoidsPillitteri et al. (2011)
Guard cell: mutant and wild-type guard cell ABA responsePandey et al. (2010)
Guard cell: suspension cell ABA response with ROS scavengerBöhmer and Schroeder (2011)
Tissue specific: embryo developmentCasson et al. (2005)
Tissue specific: guard and mesophyll cellsYang et al. (2008)
Tissue specific: microgametogenesisHonys and Twell (2004)
Tissue specific: pollen germinationQin et al. (2009)
Tissue specific: rootBirnbaum et al. (2003); 
Nawy et al. (2005)
Tissue specific: shoot apical meristemYadav et al. (2009)
Tissue specific: stem epidermisSuh et al. (2005)
Tissue specific: stigma and ovariesSwanson et al. (2005)
Tissue specific: trichomesGilding and Marks (2010); Marks et al. (2009)
Tissue specific: xylem and corkNASCArrays experiment #92