Table 1. Data Collection and Refinement Statistics for Two-Chain AtLEGγ
Data CollectionStatistical Values
Space groupP41
Cell dimensions
 a, b, c (Å)147.8, 147.8, 101.6
 α, β, γ (°)90, 90, 90
Resolution (Å)72.9–2.75
Rmerge0.09 (0.77)
I/σI8.6 (1.6)
Completeness (%)99.9 (99.8)
Redundancy3.4 (3.5)
Resolution (Å)66.1–2.75
No. reflections56952
No. molecules/asu4
No. atoms13474
R.m.s. deviations
 Bond lengths (Å)0.007
 Bond angles (°)0.7
  • Data were collected from a single crystal. Values in parentheses correspond to the highest resolution shell. R.m.s., root mean square; asu, asymmetric unit.