Table 3. Selectable Reporters in Use in Chlamydomonas Transformation
ReporterReporter OriginReference
ARSaChlamydomonas(Davies et al., 1992)
luciferaseGaussia princeps, Renilla reniformis, firefly(Matsuo et al., 2006; Shao and Bock, 2008)
GFP, BFP, CFP, YFPAequorea victoriab(Rasala et al., 2013)
mCherrySea anemone(Rasala et al., 2013)
mRubySea anemone(Rasala et al., 2013)
tdTomatoSea anemone(Rasala et al., 2013)
aequorinAequorea victoria(Aiyar et al., 2017)
  • a ARS can be used to dissect promoter elements, when cloning them upstream of the β-tubulin minimal promoter.

  • b GFP was cloned from the jellyfish, but the other colored variants were engineered in the laboratory by mutagenesis.